Byting Bulldogs' Fourth Year

In 2014, the Byting Bulldogs built on engineering successes and focused intensely on the business aspects of the team. We took home the Entrepreneurship Award at both the district and state level, and were recognized with the Innovation in Control Award for our use of light-triggered autonomous shooting. Founding coach Dan Gardner retired at the conclusion of the season.

Byting Bulldogs bask in the triumphs of a terrific tournament in troy

Byting Bulldogs bask in the triumphs of a terrific tournament in troy

The Robot, "Bruce"

Our Aerial Assist robot, "Bruce", had the ability to make the high goal, shoot over the truss, and catch the ball. Bruce featured a two-speed transmission. We were especially proud that Bruce was one of three three-ball autons in the world. We won the Innovation in Control Award at Troy for our use of light sensing to trigger shooting in autonomous mode. 2014 was the first year we themed the robot by powder coating it with our team colors.



  • Waterford District Competition:

    • Rank 3

    • Alliance 3 Captain

    • District Semifinalist

    • KPCB Entrepreneurship Award

  • Troy District Competition:

    • Rank 2

    • District Finalist

    • Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award

  • Michigan State Championship:

    • Quarterfinalist

    • KPCB Entrepreneurship Award

  • FIRST World Championship:

    • Semifinalist in the Newton Division

The Game

Aerial Assist was played with 2'-diameter exercise balls shot into high goals above the driver station or dropped into low goals at the corners of the field. Points were also awarded for assists when one alliance member passed the ball to another alliance member, and when the ball was passed over the truss at the center of the field.

Our 2014 Season