Byting Bulldogs' Ninth Year


The Robot, “Timby”

Our 2019 robot, aptly named for the inventor of the revolving gun turret used on the Civil War ironclad ship USS Monitor, featured a unique turret system. Though Timby’s traditional tank drive limited its lateral movement, the turret’s 360-degree rotation compensated for this by allowing Timby to place hatch panels and cargo without having to be perfectly aligned. This distinctive design earned the team the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox at both of our district competitions.

Timby successfully met all the challenges of the 2019 game, placing hatch panels and cargo at all levels of the rocket as well as climbing to the top level of the HAB.


  • Center Line District Competition:

    • District #4 Seed

    • Captain of Alliance 3

    • District Quarterfinalist

    • Xerox Creativity Award

  • Troy District Competition:

    • District Quarterfinalist

    • Xerox Creativity Award

The Game

The Destination: Deep Space game opened with an unusual twist on the autonomous period. In the first 15 seconds of the game, a black screen dropped in front of driver stations, rendering drive teams unable to see the field. Teams chose whether to program their robot to drive autonomously during this “Sandstorm” period, to drive blind, or to drive using a vision system.

From there, alliances of three robots scored points by placing polycarbonate toroids called “hatch panels” and 13-inch balls known as “cargo” on cargo ship and rocket structures. Additional points were earned in the endgame for climbing a three-level platform in the HAB zone.

2019 Destination: Deep Space Robot Reveal