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Support from our sponsors is critical to our success. Without them, this team wouldn't exist. Their generous help provides funding, tools, parts, supplies, fundraiser items, and meals. Guidance by mentors who are professionals in their fields enables our kids to get real-world engineering and business experience they can't get anywhere else. These experiences are meaningful and will pay huge dividends in the future of our students and community. Our team expresses its sincere gratitude to all of the businesses, corporations, and individuals for partnering with our team.

Sponsorship Benefits

External Marketing Benefits:

  • Enlarges future engineering and technical workforce

  • Allows business to directly impact student education

  • Provides positive exposure to industry and media

    • Multiple executives from auto industry, NASA, defense industry, Boeing, government, and media are present at events

  • Demonstrates community commitment

Internal Benefits:

  • Provides talent pool for interns and scholarships

  • Provides opportunities for cross-industry networking

  • Fosters creativity and teamwork

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